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Why you should ignore Unwarranted Accusations

Anyone can be falsely accused of anything at any time. The question is how do you deal with unwarranted accusations. Because every accusation will warrant a response. You may have no control of the unwarranted allegation but you have control over how you react towards the situation. During the reign of King Saul, the Israelites… Continue reading Why you should ignore Unwarranted Accusations

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God Changes

Before I accepted Jesus, I did not realize how flawed I was.  I went to night clubs even on week days. If God did not rescue me, I would probably be an alcoholic. Then one day I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. I used to think in order to give my life to the… Continue reading God Changes

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Wilderness Experiences

The wilderness to you as a Christian represents a place that God has to mold you to prepare you for what is ahead. - Martha Macharia There came a time when the children of Israel were facing difficult  circumstances as they were living in Egypt. They started crying out to God because of their situation. In Exodus 3:8, God said… Continue reading Wilderness Experiences