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Today’s Big Q: Do You Know You Have a Gift?

Are you aware that as a Christian you have not only a talent but a gift? I have found that many people do not realize that they have gifts and all they need to do is find out what their gifts are and exercise them.  Knowing once gift is important but using it for the… Continue reading Today’s Big Q: Do You Know You Have a Gift?

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You are Royalty

 Many times we wake up and something unexpected happens that day. Something suddenly happens that changes the course of life. A suddenly happens. Just like Mephibosheth, many people go through situations that they cannot control; Situations that present themselves with no human understanding. A suddenly happens and we find out we are so powerless. Before I… Continue reading You are Royalty

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God’s Process: A Place for Preparation.

The definition of a process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Everyone goes through a different process in order to get to where God wants them to be. Abraham became the Father of Faith through a process. Jacob became Israel though a process. Ruth ended in… Continue reading God’s Process: A Place for Preparation.

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Problem: Steps to a Solution

We deal with bad situations or problems differently. Some use the right way and some the worst possible way. You are probably wondering whether there is a right way to deal with a problem  Yes there is but let me first deal with the wrong ways people deal with their issues then I will show you… Continue reading Problem: Steps to a Solution

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Stop the Jump

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. One of the topics we were discussing had to do with relationships. As we talked, we concluded that many ladies have experienced a heartbreak or heartbreaks. I started asking myself why and I came up with some reasons I believe that may push a lady into… Continue reading Stop the Jump

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Dysfunction and Relationships

Last year on my Radio Show, Woman Transformed, I had the privilege of interviewing a lady who grew up in a dysfunctional home. Her father was a functioning alcoholic who was both verbally and physically abusive mostly towards her mother.  They lived in an atmosphere that was highly charged because of constant fighting. This led to a life… Continue reading Dysfunction and Relationships

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Starving for Love

I remember a lady I knew who had to have a man in her life. She was beautiful and doing well in school and had a great job but this was not enough. She had to have a man in her life. She was in many relationships and at some point got married to a… Continue reading Starving for Love

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Great Worth

Sometimes society can make us feel unworthy and unwanted. This is not so when it comes to how God thinks of us. When we look at the genealogy of Jesus Christ, there are five women mentioned in the genealogy found in Matthew 1; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Apart from Mary, each of them had… Continue reading Great Worth

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Creating Unity in Marriage

There are many marriages in trouble. If there is a institution the enemy is fighting very hard is the institution of marriage. I know it is said that the divorce rate in the church is the same as the world but I kind of have a different view. Because we tend to magnify negatives, when a… Continue reading Creating Unity in Marriage

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An Excerpt From My Book

"As the two men viewed the land before them they looked on the plains of the Jordan, a breathtaking landscape abundant in water. Scripture says the land looked like the garden of God. Now way would they have to struggle to get food and water not only for themselves but for their animals too. Lot… Continue reading An Excerpt From My Book