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A Life Of Prayer

Cultivating a life of prayer is Paramount in every Christians life. Everything we are and become is either learned by watching, practicing or simply through assimilation. A life of prayer for me has been and continues to be a Christian practice and foundational living that l learned by watching and practicing with my parents.


I remember as a little girl growing up, my dad would wake up my siblings and l each weekday at 6a.m whether you liked it or not, to pray for at least 30 min before getting ready for school. By the time we got up, both he and my mother would have been up since in prayer. This was the daily practice at our house and it was never dependent upon what was going on.  It did not matter what was going on in their lives or what season of life our family was in, it was the lifestyle. To me they are by far the greatest mentors and spiritual heritage l forever thank God for. The foundational heritage passed has carried me and continues to be one of my greatest pillars through the seasons of life.

To me prayer is not about using God as a pawn to do what l want, but is learning and growing into a relationship with Him that release’s God’s Will, Power and awesome Sovereignty. Knowing that God is all powerful, all knowing, and truly the great I AM, makes me know that all l have to do is Trust Him. He was there before, He is now and the word says He will be there after. The same yesterday, today and forevermore. (Hebrews 13:8).

A wise counsel l learned from my pastor Dr. ED Young is “if you ever want to go wide with God, Go deeper”. Prayer for me is where l find my daily strength to go deep, face what life brings at me and grow my spiritual walk with God. I know whatever life throws God already got me. It gives me the inner confidence of knowing l am never alone. It gives me the power to believe and do what the Word says. I have seen God guide me into places l would never go, orchestrate some amazing diving connection and continuously meet my needs. I am humbled daily to depend on Him knowing that l am nothing without him. I am also grateful for the successful business He has helped me grow, the blessing of being a mother to my two beautiful girls and of course my wonderful husband who also happens to be my number one cheer leader in the game of life. To God be the Glory.

Guest Blogger: June Matindu


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