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Your Big Picture

I listened to a lady who said she knew she wanted to become a lawyer when she was 8 years old. Wow. When I was 8, I had different answer through out the year. Once it was an air hostess, then another time a doctor etc. And she became a lawyer. That was her big picture. What is yours?


It is important to have a big picture. To aspire to become who God created you to be.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

  • Where do you want to see yourself in let’s say five years? What is your five-year plan, ten year plan etc?

This is what I will call your big picture. As you consider this, let me make one point:

Your big picture should not include being like someone else. You are you and you have a unique set of qualities that

God created you with so that you can accomplish whatever it is you were created to do.

You can use someone else’s story for inspiration but do not want to be like them. You can lose yourself trying to be someone else. Be you. Be authentic and you will find out what you like and don’t like.

  • How do you arrive at your big picture?

You must visualize it. Get some time in the day when you are most fresh and most creative. You must set a time when you truly think about the big picture. Dream dream dream. The second thing you need to do is to come up with specific goals. Then come up with steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. First steps, second, third etc.

It is important to be aware that there are things that can affect you so that you don’t come up with a big picture.

  • What are ways your big picture can be negatively affected?
  1. Your present circumstances. Your big picture or dream should not be determined by your present circumstances. In other words, if you are going through difficulty, that should not stop you from dreaming big. It should not stop you from imagining you being a successful person. So, beware of your current circumstances.
  2. Your past. You should not allow the negative things that have happened in your past stop you from visualizing who you want to be. You do not pay a fee for dreaming big. No one is charging you for thinking you will go far in life. So just dream big.
  3. Your Family Background. Do not allow your family background to dictate how big your dreams can be. As Joseph shared his dream, there is no indication in scripture that he wondered about his big dream. He just knew he would be someone big. Mark you he was not the son of an internationally renowned person. His father was a shepherd and their home was quite interesting. Jacob his father had wanted to marry one woman (Joseph’s mother) but then after seven years of working hard, he got the wrong woman. He had to work another seven years for the woman he loved. Then after that, Jacob found himself involved in making babies with women he never knew he would be with. Talk about an interesting family. Take note, with all this mess, God still accomplished his purpose through Joseph. Just because your family background is a mess does not mean you cannot dream big and be successful in life.
  4. Controlling individuals. Do not allow what people do or say dictate how and what you dream about. Again, dreaming is free. No one is charging you anything to dream. Just get your big picture. If you let people tell you what you should do with yourself, then you have allowed people into a space they should not be occupying.
  5. You parents success is not yours. Always keep in mind that your parents success is not your own. My mother used to tell us all the time, “This property you see belongs to your dad and I.” We totally believed her. There was never the thought of inheritance. We just knew we needed to go out there and work for our stuff and be successful. And yes my siblings and I are doing what we should be doing. None of us is dependent on our parents.

It is said the largest nation is your imagination. Dream dream dream and dream big.

©Martha Macharia
Author of Hopeful Living, Trusting God to Guide you through Life and Waiting for a Husband, The Godly Way.
President of Woman Transformed

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