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3 Things that Will Help you Wait

Waiting is not easy. Whether waiting for a bus, children to get out of school, results from an examination and so on. No one can say that he or she is comfortable in the waiting period. As a single woman, it is even harder to wait for the man who God wants you to get married to. Hence the many many mistakes women have made thinking they have met The One and then he turns out not to be The One. And then the heartbreak and the journey of healing. Because of certain experiences, some women have been left broken and they find themselves in another situation. But in order to be a wife, you need to be whole. That is a subject for another day. So lets deal with the subject at hand; Waiting. 


Why is Waiting for a man so hard?

  • Waiting is hard because we are not born with the Fruit of the Spirit called patience.
  • Because we are eager to be married and have a family. This is why people take shortcuts because they are so eager to see something come to pass regardless of the means they have to use.
  • Because society has made us feel like unless we get married at a certain time and get children at a certain time, then we will have certain complications. In other words there is a time set for marriage by society.
  • Pressure from family and friends. All your siblings are married or you have attended many of your friends weddings. When you look left or right, it seems you are either attending a wedding or you are a brides maid in one. Family and friends are asking when you will get married. (By the way, just a tip if you are allowing them to get to you. When you get married, they will ask you when are you getting children and when the first one comes, when is the second one coming and so on. Another tip: When you allow them to pressure you and you make a mistake, you are the one who will be feeling the pain of the heartbreak not them. Do not allow anyone to pressure you.) 

3 things to keep in mind

In Luke 24:49, Jesus is addressing the disciples, ” Listen carefully: I am sending the Promise of My Father [the Holy Spirit] upon you; but you are to remain in the city [of Jerusalem] until you are clothed (fully equipped) with power from on high.” 

Jesus was getting ready to ascend to heaven. Before he ascended, he told his disciples two things.

  • He promised them the Holy Spirit. He was going to give them power to become His witnesses.
  • They were not to leave Jerusalem.
  1. Recognize the importance of obedience
    Jesus told the disciples to stay in Jerusalem. He did not tell them they could go to Judea or Samaria or other parts of the world at the time. They were to stay in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit. In other words, if they did not stay in Jerusalem, they were walking out of the plan of God over their lives meaning they would not receive the Holy Spirit. Going out of Jerusalem may have meant walking into harms way. As a single woman, you have to be in a position of obedience. You have to realize that the moment you walk out and decide to make a way for yourself because you cannot see the way, the devil is waiting out there for you to confuse you and hook you up with a man who will cause all sorts of problems. God will make a way even if you cannot see one. But you have to trust Him to make a way.
  2. Realize that God fulfills his Promises
    There came a time when the disciples received the Holy Spirit. The promise Jesus gave to them came to pass. God says in His word that it is not good for a man to be alone. That is why he created Eve for Adam. That word still applies to you. You are someone’s Eve. You are someone’s Ruth. Regardless of whether people think you are an outcast, your Boaz will not see an outcast. He will see the woman God has created for him. It does not matter whether you have gone as low as Rahab did but you are someone’s Rahab. God can still give you a man who will love you regardless of your past issues. You are someone’s Rebecca. Just because you are thousands of miles away from your future husband does not mean you cannot meet. God fulfills His promises. Just don’t give up on Him.
  3. God’s timing is best. 
    Jesus did not say to His disciples when the promise would come. He did not give them a date nor a time. He did not say when you wake up in the morning on such and such a day, be prepared because my promise shall be fulfilled. He just told them the promised Holy Spirit would come. And they got together, stayed in Jerusalem, prayed and fellow shipped. They were in unity seeking God. No one ever knows when she will get married. Only God knows because his timing is perfect. It may look like you are late but with God, nothing is late. The bible says in Acts 2:1, “When the Day of Pentecost had come.” In other words, it was time. The day had arrived. They were actually not aware that it was time. They were together in one place doing what they had been doing. When your time comes, it has come. No one can stop what God has decided to do.

Single Woman, God has someone special for you. Do not give up. He cares and He knows what you need. It may look late but it is never late with God. You may feel like he has forgotten about you but He always keeps his promises. I urge you to continue to praise and worship him, read and meditate on His word and walk in obedience. When you wait on him, he will give you strength to handle whatever comes you way. When you wait on him, you will not grow tired. He will give you new strength every morning and extra grace to go through your season of waiting. Always remember, he is building patience in you because marriage is for life and you need patience in marriage. God is faithful. He will not leave you. He will not forsake you.


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