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Why you should ignore Unwarranted Accusations

Anyone can be falsely accused of anything at any time. The question is how do you deal with unwarranted accusations. Because every accusation will warrant a response. You may have no control of the unwarranted allegation but you have control over how you react towards the situation.


During the reign of King Saul, the Israelites and the Philistines were enemies and at war. Just as before, the Israelites were facing the Philistines, however unlike times before, this time, a giant was present. This is how the bible describes Goliath;

  • He was over nine feet tall.
  • His bronze coat weighed 125 pounds.
  • He had a javelin and the shaft of his spear was thick and heavy.

For forty days, Goliath came out every morning and every evening asking for someone to be brought out to fight with him. King Saul was dismayed because he thought they had no one who would fight against this mighty giant they were facing. They had no solution to their problem and they could not even see a solution in the near future. They did not know what to do. As they were wondering how to deal with Goliath, David entered the scene.

David was Jesse’s son. Jesse had eight sons. Eliab, Abinadab and Shammah, his first three sons had joined King Saul in battle. In Samuel 17:17-19, scripture says,

Then Jesse said to David his son, “Take for your brothers an ephah of this roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread and run quickly to the camp to your brothers. Also take these ten cuts of cheese to the commander of the unit. See how your brothers are doing and bring back news of them. Now they are with Saul and all the men of Israel in the Valley of Elah, fighting with the Philistines.”

David woke up early the following morning, left his sheep with a keeper and went to see how his brothers were doing. When he got there, he found the children of Israel going out to meet the Philistines. Goliath came out and when the men of Israel saw him, they ran away because they were frightened. Then David overheard the men of Israel saying that whoever killed the giant would be greatly rewarded. Then David asked the men who were standing close to him concerning the king’s promise. They told him that the king would reward the man who would go against Goliath with great riches, give him his daughter’s hand in marriage and the man’s family would be exempt from paying taxes.

In 1 Samuel 17:28-30 the AMP version, the bible says,

Now Eliab his oldest brother heard what he said to the men; and Eliab’s anger burned against David and he said, “Why have you come down here? With whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your presumption (overconfidence) and the evil of your heart; for you have come down in order to see the battle.” But David said, “What have I done now? Was it not just a [harmless] question?” Then David turned away from Eliab to someone else and asked the same question; and the people gave him the same answer as the first time.

Saul sent for David and when David came before the king, he told him that no one should be dismayed anymore because he was going to fight Goliath. Saul looked at him and told him there was no way he was going to be able to fight Goliath. He told David that he was only a youth yet Goliath had been a man of war from his youth. Saul was probably wondering, what was wrong with this youth. David told him how God had delivered him from the lion and the bear. Saul agreed and David went out with his five stones and after one stone, Goliath was history. For Goliath to be history, there is something David had to do. He had to ignore an unwarranted accusation; his brother’s words. Think about the times you have gone through unwarranted accusations. How did you handle it?

Just like David did, it is important not to take to heart a false accusation and here is why.

You don’t want to miss an opportunity

God’s timing is perfect. I can imagine some people in the Israel army wondering, it is day 10, what are we going to do with this Goliath issue. Day 15, God where are you. Day 25, maybe if we run so fast against him and shout loudly, he will be afraid. Day 40, we have run out of options. David arrived just in time to see what was happening. He was not told about the giant but he saw the giant. He actually watched the children of Israel being terrorized. He was right there at the right time. If you don’t ignore accusations, you will not realize the opportunity God has presented before you. You will miss it or delay into getting to it because you are so caught up in who said what.

Sometimes there is a motive behind a wrong accusation.

David’s eldest brother had harsh words for him.

“Now Eliab his oldest brother heard what he said to the men; and Eliab’s anger burned against David and he said, “Why have you come down here? With whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your presumption (overconfidence) and the evil of your heart; for you have come down in order to see the battle.”

Let me explain where Eliab’s anger stems from. It has nothing to do with David coming to the war zone. It has all to do with what happened some time before. The prophet Samuel had been sent to anoint one of Jesse’s sons. When Samuel arrived at Jesse’s home, he looked at Eliab and he thought, surely it must be this one. God said to him, ah no. You see, we look at outward appearances but God looks at the heart. Samuel ended up anointing the least possible candidate in the house. In fact, David’s father did not think it would be his youngest son who was going to be anointed. They overlooked him and that is why he had not been invited to the ceremony. He was the one no one thought of. The last born who did not matter. The one who smelled like sheep. Yup. David. Eliab was probably thinking how such a thing could happen. Why would the sheep boy be anointed? The worst was yet to come. King Saul needed someone to play the harp to calm him down and guess who got that position. You got it. David. He eventually went to the kings home to play the harp. Such privilege. As the eldest, he was angry and jealous. Keep in mind that there could be a motive behind someone’s behavior and you have to let the person be and don’t take what the person says to heart. They may be dealing with their own insecurities and you don’t have time to wonder why he/she said what he/she said.

It’s just a distraction

Realize that the statements said to you are there to distract you. They are meant to stop you so that you don’t go ahead and do what you need to do. Imagine if David was caught up in an argument with his brother. He would have been caught up in a war of words which would have been a distraction to what he was meant to do. David knew what he wanted to do. He knew this giant had to go. He would not allow even words from his brother to stop him.

In Proverb 26:4, Scripture states, “Don’t respond to the stupidity of a fool; you’ll only look foolish yourself.

If you read the text, you will realize that his brother accused him and David had not talked to him. You have to learn to ignore the distractions. Ask God to give you discernment so you can tell when something is meant to distract you.

Your Relationship with God

When you have a growing relationship with God, you should not allow careless statements to affect you. Remember how in the passage Eliab says that he knows the evil in David’s heart? According to God, David was a man after His heart. David was secure in who he was because he had a relationship with God. Even though he was the youngest, this did not affect him. He had grown to know and love God deeply. Deuteronomy 28:13, God says that if you obey him and live right, then you are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. So if someone tells you you are the tail, you are not because God said you are the head. You already know you are not the tail nor are you beneath therefore, you should not allow what is said affect you. David knew God would see him through. He had delivered him from the lion and the bear so he would deliver him from the giant. David was focused on God and no negative words said to him would change what he knew about God. When you look back, am sure you can see what God has done for you or how God has fought on your behalf. When you focus on God, the words said to you will not move you.

Do not allow anyone’s words discourage you

Imagine if David started wondering why his brother would say that about him? Imagine if he had a pity party on the words that were harshly said to him. He would have sat in that discouragement and would not have been able to seize the opportunity that was right in front of him. We are just passersby in this world. We cannot afford to let people’s words discourage us. We have to seize the opportunities presented to us. We cannot allow ourselves to blame others for the reason we could not seize an opportunity.

Always remember, you may  not have the power to stop the accusation, but you have the responsibility over your own reaction.

©Martha Macharia
Author of Hopeful Living, Trusting God to Guide you through Life
President of Woman Transformed
Radio Show Host



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