Christian Living, Encouragement

An Excerpt From My Book

“As the two men viewed the land before them they looked on the plains of the Jordan, a breathtaking landscape abundant in water. Scripture says the land looked like the garden of God. Now way would they have to struggle to get food and water not only for themselves but for their animals too. Lot chose to go there, so Abraham remained in the land. Abraham stayed in the land, even though its appearance was not as desirable, but God had promised him this land. Immediately after Lot left, God encouraged Abraham. He reminded him of the land he had given him. God did not tell him what kind of place his nephew chose. Abraham would later learn about it, for he would rescue Lot after he had been taken captive when the king of Sodom went to war with other nations. God tells us to stay at a place for a reason. Sometimes we think the grass is greener on the other side of where God has us, but that may not be the case. Your greatest potential may lie where it appears barren to you.”

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