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The Eagle and Vision

Why did God use an eagle? What are the characteristics of the eagle? What makes it such a special bird? I believe there are a number of reasons the eagle appears in scripture. Vision is one of them. God created this bird of prey with excellent vision. It has two centers of focus that allows it not only to see forward but to the side at the same time. Eagles can see fish in the water from several hundred feet above. This is extra ordinary because most fish are darker on the top thus not easily visible. An eagle’s eye is just as large as a human eye but it’s visual acuity, meaning the ability to pick out details of an object without blur, is at least four times that of a person who has perfect vision. It’s vision is important for it to survive. Why is vision important for us? I am not talking about our eyes.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, vision is

  • a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination
  • act or power of seeing
  •  the act or power of imagination

Every one of us were created for a purpose. If you can imagine something you have the ability to see that very thing that you imagined come to pass. In other words, what you dream can come to pass. As a woman, you need to know where you are going. You need to have dreams and aspirations. What has God created you to do? What is your gift? Everyone was created with a gift or gifts. What are they? Once you find out, then become the best YOU there can ever be. Once you find out what God created you to become, you will be satisfied at the work you do. Please, do not wait for man to come and define you.

When it comes to relationships, it is important to have discernment. As you read the Word of God, pray and walk in obedience, your relationship with God grows. As you wait for direction from him concerning your future husband, you will grow in the area of discernment, therefore, you are able to differentiate between a true eagle and a false one. You can spot a true Christian from a fake one or a wanna be for the sake of having a relationship with you. Sometimes because of fear, some ladies tend to settle. Remember, eagles do not hang out with chicken therefore do not sell yourself short because I assure you if you continue soaring high, you will find your match. There are men who are looking for a woman who loves the Lord. A woman who will not compromise her relationship with God. A true eagle.

It is important to understand that a man has to have a vision. This is a quality every single woman needs to be looking for when approached by a man. Husbands are the vision carriers of the home. If he does not know where he is headed, then how can he lead you? He does not need to have everything laid out but he needs to know where he is going. What does he want his family to look like? What plans does he have for the future? Always remember, you are his helpmate. If he does not know where he is going, you will get frustrated because you were created to help him.

The eagle has a covering that protects its eyes as it flies directly towards the sun. This helps the eagle not to go blind. A man or woman should have a vision that cannot die regardless of the hardships of this life. Just like the eagle is not afraid to fly toward the sun, do not be afraid to accomplish your purpose. Do not be afraid of setting your goals and taking them to God because He will be with you through those hard times. He will give you strength. He never goes away. He never takes a break. He is your protection. He is as shield around you.


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