Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in a woman. When a woman gets pregnant, hormones kick in to do what they need to do to support the healthy growth of a baby. At least six hormones are involved each of them carrying different functions. Dramatic hormonal changes occur after a baby is born which causes anywhere from … Continue reading Postpartum Depression


Unwarranted Accusations

Anyone can be falsely accused of anything at any time. The question is how do we deal with unwarranted accusations. What do we need to know so that when the accusations come flying our way, we are able to deal with them in a way that keeps us on the positive path instead of letting an … Continue reading Unwarranted Accusations

Children of Alcoholics

Many children have suffered growing up in households where there is an alcoholic parent. I Interviewed Jane Muthee, who was one of my guests on my Radio Show, Woman Transformed. She grew up in a home where there was an alcoholic parent. Today, Jane and I will be discussing issues of alcoholism as she shares her … Continue reading Children of Alcoholics